Guidelines for a position statement

To participate in the Pyatigorsk International Model UN each delegate must write the handouts, i.e. express his opinion on a given issue in the chosen committee in the form of a policy brief. The document provides a brief overview of the current situation on the agenda, as well as a detailed description of possible methods of solving problems. In addition, the given information must reflect the real world situation occurring in the international community.

Requirements for execution of handouts:
1. Print: Times New Roman, size: 12-14, interval: 1,5, full justification;
2. Сasting-off: 3 pages of printed text (maximum);
3. Compliance (in accordance) with building logic of the text: introduction, main part, conclusion.
4. Argumentation of ideas and the illustrating examples;
5. Writing handouts in the working language of the chosen committee with observance of language norms.

Attention! All delegates’ handouts will be checked for plagiarism.
During the writing handouts we recommend you to access given portals:

the web site of the United Nations: the UN website;
the portal of BBC Russian Service;
the portals of chosen agencies.

Be successful in writing handouts!