The VI PIMUN Secretariat answers the most important questions from future delegates and modelists interested in participating in the event. If you can't find the answer here, please contact us via Email - You can read more about the selection process and the Model itself in the "Participants" tab.


We will help you with routes to Pyatigorsk from the main transport hubs of the region


A useful article for anyone who wants to eat delicious meals or to drink the best coffee in the city. There are also some tips about bars and pubs in the city


Talking about the best presents and souvenirs from our region

When and where will the VI Pyatigorsk International Model UN take place?

The VI Pyatigorsk International UN Model will be held from April 18 to 22, 2022 and is based on Pyatigorsk State University at the address: Pyatigorsk, 9 Kalinina Ave.

Who can take part in the Pyatigorsk International Model UN?

People who are interested in the international arena’s situation and who want to gain experience in diplomatic communication. We have no age restrictions this year: schoolchildren, students, graduates - we are looking forward to seeing everyone! Specialized education is welcome, but not mandatory

What is provided to the delegates of PIMUN 2022?

If you successfully pass the selection and become a delegate of the Pyatigorsk International Model UN, you get free:

  • participant's handout kit made in a unique PIMUN 2022 design;
  • accommodation (for nonresident participants) in the period from April 16 to April 23 in dormitories of Pyatigorsk State University*
  • meals during coffee breaks**;
  • participation in cultural events (the full list of free and paid events will be available later);
  • an invitation to the banket ball for the PIMUN’s participants and the Presidium;
  • services of photographers in PIMUN 2022 photo zones;
  • gifts for the best delegates of each committee and winners of various competitions;
  • other (intrigue).

*If the number of nonresident delegates exceeds the number of places available in dormitories, the last approved delegates are accommodated in a hostel in rooms for 4-6 people.
** A set lunch in Pyatigorsk State University’s dining room costs from 150 rubles (plus – the dining room offers the most delicious food in the country and the world).

What selection stages should the PIMUN 2022 delegates go through?

To become a delegate of the Pyatigorsk International Model UN, it is necessary to go through several stages:

  • choose a committee in which you will represent the position of a particular country, with an appropriate agenda, in the discussion of which you’re willing to participate (see here);
  • write an essay on the agenda of the chosen committee (the task is in the registration form) to demonstrate your personal opinion about the current situation;
  • pass a remote interview (via video), which will be scheduled once your essay is checked – monitor the mail box specified in the registration form;
  • after the interview, the expert appoints you the country a position of which you will represent. You need to write the main theses on the agenda taking into account the position of this state (a tip: study the rules for writing theses and the report of the expert of the selected body beforehand) — the reports can be found on the selected committee’s page.
Attention! All communication with delegates is conducted through PIMUN’s official accounts. Pyatigorsk International Model UN mail has the same domain - Do not entrust your personal data to people contacting you from other email addresses on our behalf. Please let us know about the attempts by e-mail

What is the registration fee and where to send it?

Fee free. You don't need to to send it!
Please note that Pyatigorsk International Model UN has never collected money from its delegates! If someone requires you to pay the registration fee, do not send money and let us know about it by mail as soon as possible

How long to wait for a response?

Committee experts contact delegates within 3-4 working days. If the email address specified in the application does not receive an invitation to an interview, contact to us via email or in private messages in the VK group. We may not have received your application or there is a chance something went wrong.

What to do in case of successfully passing the interview?

Closer to April 2022, representatives of the organizing committee of the VI Pyatigorsk International Model United Nations will contact you to clarify information about the dates of your arrival, the desired type of accommodation, participation in cultural events. We ask you to monitor your email and respond to our messages.

I need an exemption from school/university or a letter of call to work, what should I do?

To receive a call letter from the Secretary General of PIMUN 2021, we ask you to fill out the google form with the correct data.
The e-letter will arrive within 7 working days, so please do not delay filling out the application. 


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