Historical Committee (RU)

The International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg is the first in the world history international process held under the scheme of “winner vs loser”. The second World war is the most terrible war in the world history. Besides the barbaric methods of warfare, violating the Geneva Conventions, this conflict is known to the genocide of the entire Aryan population.

The importance of the Tribunal can not be over-emphasized for both history and international law. First developed the concept of the international court of Justice gave the possibility to held in the future similar processes to expose criminals.

But whether it was objectively?Whether people who suffered the punishment have deserved it? Was the trial fair? As you know, the history does not tolerate subjunctive mood, but we’re going to set aside this thesis. And we’ll ask all of you: “And what if…?”

You have a unique opportunity to try yourself as a judge to be fair. And you can be a prosecutor to be objective. You can be a defender to be charitable.Otherwise you can become a direct participant of a process – to be an accused to prove that history was wrong about you. Or you can be a witness, to help all the rest to see into a matter of this tangled affair.

The unexpected turns of the history, hidden facts, hot debates and much more are waiting for you! We are waiting for you at the Historic International military Tribunal in Nuremberg at the Pyatigorsk International Model United Nations!


International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg

List of members

Председатель – Судья от Великобритании лорд Джеффри ЛоуренсГерасимов
Заместитель Председателя – Судья от СШАФрэнсис БиддлФегер Дмитрий
Судья от СССРгенерал-майор юстиции Ион Тимофеевич НикитченкоЦураев Ахмед
Судья от Франции профессор Анри Доннедье де ВабрГришкин Артем
Обвинитель от СССРРоман Андреевич РуденкоБайрамуков Расул
Обвинитель от ФранцииФрансуа де МентонХынку Марианна
Обвиняемый Вице-канцлер Германии Герман Вильгельм ГерингЯгодаров Александр
ОбвиняемыйРейхскомиссар Артур Зейсс-ИнквартСластухина
ОбвиняемыйГенерал-фельдмаршал Вильгельм Йоханн КейтельГасанов Сергей
Защитник Густав ШтейнбауэрМаркарян Константин
Защитник Отто ШтамерАлекберов Руслан
Свидетель обвиненияАлехин Илья
Свидетель обвиненияЮнкин Дмитрий
Свидетель защитыЧудасова Татьяна