• Economic and Social Council (RU)

    Protection of global climate in the interests of present and future generations

    Members: 54

  • Human Rights Council (RU)

    Protection of women’s rights in the modern world
    Registration is closed

  • Historical Committee (RU)

    International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg
    Registration is closed


    The problem of common education and the realization of the right to education

    Members: 58

  • Information Committee (RU/EN/FR/ES/AR)

    Coverage of the work of committees
    Members: 21

  • Cuarta Comisión de Asamblea General (ES)

    The Consequences of Self-Determination of Peoples in the Modern World

    Members: 27

  • First Committee of the General Assembly (EN)

    Prevention of an arms race in outer space

    Members: 33

  • Organisation internationale du travail (FR)

    Equality of migrants and local residents in the labour sphere
    Members: 10

  • Security Council (AR)

    Removal of tensions in the issue of nuclear missile activity of North Korea

    Members: 15