MUN history

First UN Models appeared at US Universities after the II World War and establishment of the United Nation as an educational program for students in multilateral diplomacy. The practice of American Universities to simulate the work of the League of Nations during the I and II World War was replaced by the UN Models.
Soon UN Models became so popular among students and professors of American Universities with courses of international relations that they quickly went beyond the different Universities and required the character of national games. They became global due to wide prevalence in other countries. The emergence and rapid widespread of modern communications vastly contributed to the models development as an international program.

UN Models have been holding in our country since January, 1990 in Moscow state University of International relations at the initiative of the Soviet UN Association. The Soviet Peace Fund provided major support of the activities of the UN Association and, in particular, of the Moscow international MUN. Because of this, the Association was able to hold the Model as a major international event which immediately became a significant part of student’s life. 300 delegates, one in four among which was a foreigner, were first participants of the MUN. The participants were provided with simultaneous interpretation into English.
The successful experience of the 1st UN Model launched model development in our country. The largest MUN in Russia has been hold in Moscow at MGIMO. There are basic rules of the holding the Model UN, but each organizer has the right to supplement the program or the occasion and expand the methodological tools.