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  • secretariat@pimun.ru
  • Pyatigorsk, Russia


  • Security Council (RU)

    Peacekeeping forces in the settlement of conflicts on the territory of the former Soviet republics

    Delegates: 15

  • Executive Board of the World Health Organization (RU)

    Ensuring equal access to the results of the progress of world medicine

    Delegates: 34

  • UNESCO's Executive Board (RU)

    Ensuring access to good education in a pandemic

    Delegates: 36

  • High Commissioner for Refugees (EN)

    Establishment of proper living conditions for refugees in post-conflict areas

    Delegates: 36

  • United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (AR)

    Moving towards sustainable consumption and production

    Delegates: 25

  • Information committee (all)

    Coverage of other committees work

    Media: 15