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  • secretariat@pimun.ru
  • Pyatigorsk, Russia


Who can be a part of this event?

Everyone, who is interested in the actual situations in the international arena and wants to improve his or her skills in international communication.

Who can participate in the Model of the United Nations?

The one, who is enough qualified for this! And what does he or she need to do? Not so much, actually… Fill a delegate’s application form for the Committee, write an essay, be interviewed by our experts, write some theses, and come to the PSU!

I am not a student, what do I have to do – wait till I become older?

No, this year both students and pupils can take part in this event!

I am not from Pyatigorsk or even North Caucasus. Where can I stay? I mean, during the Model.

You can stay in one of our dormitories – and it’s completely free! You only need to prove your right to be one of our delegates.

I have never been to Pyatigorsk. Can you show me around?

Of course! We have a special cultural program!

Can you write me an invitation letter?

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Do I actually have a choice to come or not to come to Pyatigorsk?

Sorry for disappointing you, but you don’t! We are already waiting for you!